Hello, there! My name is Charity, and this is my little blog-ey-do. I’m not a very great blogger – I tend to be completely unreliable and have no schedule for adding new posts. But every few months I get bit by a blogging bug and have a good run of fairly frequent new postings.

I like to think that what I have to say and the manner in which I say it is somewhat interesting, but I understand that this is probably not the case. Eh, that’s alright. This is mostly for me, anyway, but if someone comes by and likes what they read, then that is nice, too. Well, more than nice. Highly gratifying, I would say. So if you happen to read something that I happen to write, and then you happen to like it, feel free to let me know – comments are always welcome. Also welcome would be tips, tricks, advice, or suggestions.

As for what kind of topics you can expect me to talk about, I’m afraid that there is no set “theme.” I pretty much talk about whatever comes into my head, and that could be anything from books to movies to my roommates to my fish (three male betta – Gregory, Horatio, and Dominic).  I doubt anyone would ever do this, but if for some reason you would like me to talk about a certain topic, I will gladly take all requests into consideration.



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