That’s what this post is. I know that if I make this post saying that I will come back and actually put up (hopefully) interesting content, then I will be much more likely to do it than if I don’t make this post. So, this is me saying that after 3 months of sleeping, this blog is waking up for another indefinite amount of time.

Anyway, just by way of having a semblance of content, I’ll just say that the reason I haven’t blogged in 3 months is that at the beginning of November I got a weird kind of sick that left me thoroughly wrung out and exhausted, following which I decided to pick up bronchitis just for fun. During that time there were a whole host of papers and exams and things that were very insistent that they were most important. And so by the time I got home for Christmas break I had completely fallen out of the habit of blogging and so didn’t pick it up again even when I had time. Simply tragic. Not that anybody really cares.

So yes, there are things to come. What those things are, I really don’t know. But for sure they are coming. Be prepared. Huzzah.


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